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Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment

It is a true reality that patients do not wish to visit the dentist due to fear of painful root canal procedure. However, we would like to convey a strong message that recent new technology in gadgets, instruments & new modern protocols promote true Painless & enjoyable experience with excellent long-term results.

We are pleased to introduce Dental Microscope (Zeiss) in our clinic which is one of the Cutting-edge technologies in world specially recommended for Root Canal treatment, So Dr Uday delivers Painless anesthesia then perform Root Canal procedure with Rubber dam under Dental Microscope with soft skilled hand that enables to locate hidden canals, disinfection & filling of all canals with modern protocols.

Root Canal procedure under Dental Microscope promotes more precision & survival of teeth for long term years.

Failed Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment has great success rate, however If you do have problems after completion of root canal treatment like continuous biting pain, swelling, boil on same then it is high indication of failed Root Canal treatment so there’s still hope.

Dr Uday is master in managing Failed Root canal cases under Dental Microscope referred by dentist.

First, we need to analyze cause of failure with help of dental CBCT & clinically that reveals missing untreated anatomies of canal, perforation, fracture instrument, Vertical fracture, poor disinfection protocol so Dr Uday practices with the greatest precision & skill under Dental Microscope & microscopic tools to help heal your tooth in order to become completely functional.